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    Ignition Interlock

    A full service ignition interlock provider. Service centers throughout north, central and south Florida. Affordable pricing and friendly customer service.

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Florida Interlock Service Centers

  • Conveniently located off interstate 295 3.8 miles away from the Duval County DMV on Blanding Blvd

  • New location coming soon, Mobile services offered

  • Tallahassee Florida Interlock at Precision Tune Auto Care

  • New location coming soon, Mobile services offered

  • Conveniently located off Minnesota Ave. Less than 3 miles away from the Bay County Division of Divers License.

  • Conveniently located off North West St. Less than 2.5 miles away from from the Escambia Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Conveniently located on George St. (off Memorial). This location is less than 4 miles away from the State of Florida Drivers License Office.

  • Conveniently located on 90th Ave off hwy 693 just 5 miles North of DMV on 66th St

  • Centrally, located on Edgewater, off Forest City Road. This location is just 7 miles away from the Orange County Court House.

  • Located on South Combee Road (County Road 33 A). This location is less than 4 miles away from downtown lakeland.

  • Centrally located on Abbot Ave., off Tamiami Trail. This location is less than 2 miles from Charlotte County DMV on Murdock Cr.

  • Located on Industrial Drive, off South Volusia Ave. This location is less than 7 miles away from Volusia County Court House.

  • Centrally located on SW 34th Ave, off SW College Road. This location is less than 4 miles away from the Marion County Court House and Downtown Ocala.

  • Conveniently located on NW 22nd Ct., off NW 20th St. This location is 1.4 miles away from the Dade County Court House and 4 miles away from Downtown Miami

  • Centrally located on SW 59 terrace, close to N. State Road 7. This location is 3.4 miles away from the Broward County Division of Drivers License and less than 5 miles away from Downtown Hollywood Florida.

  • Centrally located off Belvedere Road. This location is less than 12 miles away from the Palm Beach County Courthouse and Downtown West Palm Beach.

  • Located on Dusa Drive, off Wickham Road, 3 miles away from the division of drivers license.

  • Only three miles away from the Driver License Office & Motor Vehicle Services of Port Saint Lucie, Florida on Walton road and SE civic center plaza.

  • Located on Southeast 9 Lane, off 12th Avenue, 7 miles away from the Lee County Courthouse.

Authorized Draeger Service Provider

Better Device
Better Service

  • Prevent towing your vehicle
    Only we have the codes to by-pass the device when your vehicle needs service or is in lockout mode
  • Start your car in less than 10 sec
    Other brands range between 1/2 minute to 3 minutes
  • Reliable
    Reliably starts your car in extreme weather
    (don’t get stuck in a hot car!)
  • 24/7 support when you need it
    Our toll free # is locally answered 24/7 by friendly personnel ready to assist you
  • Easy to use
    A simple breathing pattern makes our device easy to use for people with respiratory issues (ie. smokers and asthmatics)
  • High-end vehicles
    Experienced to do all high-end vehicle installs


Interlock® 7000

The Interlock 7000 is the most reliable and easy to use breath alcohol ignition interlock device in the industry. Leading the way in technology, allowing you to start your vehicle in only a few seconds and operating seamlessly in extreme temperatures. The 7000 with its sleek design and rear mounted mouthpiece looks and feels better.